Resort information

37 tracks:

9 easy / 8 difficult / 12 very difficult / 8 extreme


305 meters

Altitude at the top:

700 meters

Ski area:

100 acres


2 quad chairlifts and 1 ski mat

Trail map and ski conditions



From 1950 to today ...

In the late 1950s, the hotel La Réserve was born. In front of the hotel, D’Aigle family, the estate owners at that time, noticed that the mountain offers an exceptional altitude for downhill skiing. They decided to clear trails and build a ski resort. At this time, the parking and cafeteria are less than 100 meters from the current road 125 on the right La Reserve Road.

As this cottage became too small, and especially far from the chairlift, in 1962, the Tycott Industrial Loan Company, then owner of the ski resort after a bankruptcy, gives the mandate to Georges Vigeant, then head of the ski school and operations, to build a cottage near the double chairlift. This cottage is built on two floors and has a basement. In the basement, there was  a garage and maintenance equipment tracks. On the ground floor, a cafeteria to welcome skiers and a bar allows lively evenings upstairs.

At the end of the 1980s, we installed the first quad chairlift, artificial snow and built a beautiful new chalet behind the old one that will be demolished. Unfortunately, the ski center closed in 1992, 30 years after it opened. Despite this closure, the real lovers of La Réserve climb the mountain by snowmobile to hit the slopes.

In 2001, Gueymard Real Estate acquired the ski resort and reopened it in 2002. Renovations were carried out at the chalet and a new quad chairlift was installed in place of the double. Gueymard Real Estate has made significant improvements and the history of La Reserve will be undergoing a number of changes thanks to its new owners.